Trade and Save Program




Kleen N Hard Sports has three types of transactions. WE DO NOT GIVE CASH!

1. Rewards Account - This option gives you all of the perks. 5% back on all trade-ins, Reward points toward cash back (in-store), pay up to half of your purchase price with store credit.

* trade-in values may vary depending on condition. Our system starts at 55% OF ANY PRODUCT $299 OR MORE. WE GO AS LOW AS 40%

* Purchases of up to $20.00 can be paid for with account credit.

2. Consignment - We place a value on the product based on original MSRP. This will most of the time be a 40% payout to you. 60% store. You are then contacted for a check payout.

3. Donation - equipment is given to us, we say thank you, that is all.

We are currently only accepting the following sports for trade-ins:






Field Hockey

Figure Skating


**We reserve the right to turn away any gear that does not fit our standards.