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Need A Repair?
If it's broken, we fix it!
Our Repair Services

1. Expert Skate Sharpening and Repairs    
2. Baseball Glove Relacing                
3. Lacrosse Head Restringing     

And Much More! Check Out Our Services Page!
Cleaning Drop Zones
Dynamik Sports, Reading
Kleen 'n Hard, Worcester
Natick Outdoor Store
Sports, Etc., Arlington, MA
H.A. Zwickers, Bedford, MA

Cleaning Drop Zone Details

Individual Equipment Cleaning
Get your sports equipment cleaned & sanitized to prevent staph and eliminate odor!
Check Out Details On Cleaning!
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Trade 'n Save On New & Pre-owned Gear
Trade In you items and receive Immediate Store Credit


Sell your items on Consignment and receive 40% what we sell the items for at the time that they sell!

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Cascade and Maverik Lacrosse Coming Soon!

Is Here!

Your Source For New And Used Sporting Goods

We at Kleen 'n Hard Sports promise to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in all of your sporting goods needs. We have a passion for helping the athlete perform at their best and be protected. You will see that in the way we fit skates, sharpen skates, fit baseball bats, fit protective equipment, etc.

Professional Equipment Cleaning, Sanitizing & Deodorizing

Clean, fresh smelling sports gear in your car, home and on your athlete is attainable! We have, in-house, the industry's #1 professional cleaning system, the Esporta Wash System!

Trade In, Consign, Upgrade Your Gear Today 

Trade in your old, quality used equipment and receive immediate store credit and get 40% of what we sell the item for. Or, consign your items and receive 50% of what we sell the item for at the time that it sells. It's a great way to get quality equipment at a great price!

We Clean, Sanitize & Deodorize Sports Equipment

All of our pre-owned sporting goods are cleaned and sanitized using the Esporta Wash System. We also provide this service to our Individual and Team customers!

We are a full service shop!

- Expert Custom Skate Sharpening
- Baseball/Softball Glove Restringing
- Custom Golf Club Making & Repairs
- Equipment Maintenance & Repairs
- Composite Hockey Stick Shaft Repair - Strong & Flexible

Team Sales

Discounts on team uniforms, hats, sweaters, bags, etc. Heat pressing, screen printing & embroidery.

Custom Golf Club Fitting & Repairs

Take a few strokes off your game with custom fit, custom made golf clubs at a fraction of the big name prices.

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